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We offer one of the most comprehensive Apartment and Condo rental listings in Jacksonville and in the industry. So you can quickly locate the exact home to fit your budget and lifestyle.

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Relax, Jacksonville style! We are a no-charge, personalized Jacksonville apartment, townhome and condo locating service. We are here to make your move to or within Jacksonville as effortless as possible. We promise to make finding an apartment in Jacksonville an enjoyable experience

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p>Our friendly agents know where all the best Jacksonville apartments are located and can match exactly what you’re looking for. We will save you time, money and most of all the stress of having to “pound the pavement” while searching for your new Jacksonville apartment home. Our service won’t cost you a cent! The Jacksonville apartment communities sponsor us through their advertising budget. This allows us to remain no-charge service to you.

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We know the current specials at all Jacksonville apartments, which can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars. We are the experts when it comes to finding apartments in Jacksonville and not only will we find you the best move in specials, we will find you the perfect apartment, townhome or condo that fits exactly your wants and needs.

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Jacksonville could be your place in the sun! Let one of Jacksonville Rental Finders’ fast, friendly and knowledgeable agents help you find the perfect townhome, condo or apartment in Jacksonville.